User perception of in-game advertisement in VR at Adverty

About Adverty

Adverty is developing a revolutionary brand advertising platform for Virtual and Mixed Realities. Our unique method to define, deliver, experience and measure ads in these new realities has the potential to globally disrupt traditional media ad spend and will play a crucial part in the monetization of games and apps in these new digital experiences.

At Adverty you get an opportunity to work in a startup environment with an experienced team focused on the technologies and digital behaviors of tomorrow. Doing a master thesis together with us is possible both at our office and remotely. We are located in Liljeholmen, Stockholm, close to local transportation. Projects requiring specific hardware are suitable for students with opportunity to join us at the office for the whole or a part of their project.

About the Thesis

VR is creating a new space for applications and experiences and we have built a new way to bring advertising into this space. Our approach has similarities with product placements, digital advertising and Out-of-Home, but also with interactive performance advertising. An advertisement can use our 3 steps approach: Attract-Engage-Commit: Attract the customer to build brand awareness and interaction with the advertisement; Engage the customer with the brand through a video or other brand experiences and finally Commit through app installs or various web actions. A lot of research on user perception has been conducted on our advertising methods but how is in-game advertising perceived in VR?


[Figure 1, Example of a 3D object Advertisement, Attract phase]

Our way of advertising offers many possibilities to advertisers, both when it comes to experiences and data about customer behavior, something we gather in each step. As an example, an advertiser can create a branded world that a user enters after interacting with the brand, in 2D or 3D (Figure 1). Does this new method of advertising within virtual and augmented reality create value for the advertiser through the users perspective? What values are created and how can this be validated and interpreted through data?

To investigate the problem a user study should be conducted to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. Data that could hold interesting insights of relationships between the qualitative and the quantitative or ideas of measurements needed to find these KPI’s.

At Adverty we value the consumer experience and the advertiser’s brand safety equally. We strive to serve advertisements without disrupting the consumer experience and to be fully transparent towards the advertiser on campaign execution and performance.


State of the art VR equipment


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