Digital Marketing Campaign Developer at pianini edutainment GmbH i.G

Pianini is an App for Preschoolers to learn and practice Piano, Rhythm, EarTraining and Music Knowledge in one game. 

With its fun characters and playful setting in Music Wonderland, it awakens the love for music in children and motivates and challenges non - readers to play Piano.

Parents and teachers can oversee the progress in their own devices. Prototype development will finish in March, Release to the App stores in September. Competitors are Simply Piano, Yousician, and others. But their products cant be used by nonreaders, only PIANINI lets a child practice/play completely independent.  

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern that wants to gain experience in an exciting project: the launch of a music learning app for preschoolers. You would initially play a key role in digital marketing initiatives and work directly with the CEO.

In a Start-Up environment like ours, you will be able to actively manage your part and take responsibility and make decisions - it will be exciting, promise!

We are developing a Crowdfunding Campaign and need to start communicating, end of September we will launch in the Appstore, for all this we need to develop our Marketing Language and Message. 

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